Introducing the New BuildSense Mobile App

Ella Slupesky
February 8, 2021
Introducing the New BuildSense Mobile App

We are pleased to announce the release of the BuildSense Mobile App, a new building assessment tool that will transform the performance and experience of an on-site audit. The BuildSense Mobile App is available for download to BuildSense channel partners on both the App Store and Google Play, offering a new way for energy auditors, maintenance personnel, and building staff, to seamlessly conduct and perform their assigned tasks and responsibilities. 

Brought to you by Green Metrics Technologies, the BuildSense Mobile App is an integral new offering of the BuildSense suite, making it easier for BuildSense channel partners to connect, record, and securely share data collected on site, eliminating inefficiencies while streamlining data collection. 

“We’re making energy audits easier and more valuable by automating and improving the analytics people obtain from a building energy or diagnostic audit.” - Mike Kennedy, Founder and CEO of Green Metrics Technologies 

The BuildSense Mobile App empowers building assessment professionals to achieve their onsite data collection requirements more efficiently through a unified platform for data recording, note taking, and photographic records. The app allows users to use their personal smartphone or tablet to securely collect and record the pertinent features of a given site or project, keeping uploaded data organized under the dedicated site and organization for further analysis.  

“We wanted to produce a product that eliminates the confusion and lost time that often arises through file sharing, multiple records, and lost information that is all too common in the building assessment and maintenance sector. Our app provides one central platform for site assessment professionals, building maintenance teams, and building owner and operators to use when recording, analyzing, or reporting data.” - David Norris, Managing Director of Green Metrics Technologies 

Available for Download on Apple & Google Play Stores

Features and benefits of the BuildSense Mobile App include: 

  • Easy implementation across sites and organizations with a hierarchy of user roles and permissions available.  
  • Delegated organization managers can easily assign building audits through the mobile app to appointed building operators, streamlining communication and the transfer of collected data. 
  • An accompanying training program for channel partners to help facilitate easy on-boarding and additional guidance prior to onsite visits.
  • Keeps data organized by building location, property, and organization. 
  • Quick photo upload to make capturing and storing images on site easy to manage within the app. 

Example Screens from the BuildSense App

The BuildSense Mobile App aims to open new doors throughout the building assessment and diagnostic process. For more information on the BuildSense offering, book a free discovery call today. 

About BuildSense: 

BuildSense is software as a service (SaaS) that empowers commercial, institutional, and residential building operators to deeply understand their assets and fully optimize building performance. By empowering building operators to deeply understand their assets and optimize building performance, we aim to provide data driven strategies to ensure occupant health and their overall efficiency.